Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nothing to be said.

Uish,berhabuk dah blog ni. puh puh puh.. haaa,bersih sikit. 
sorry lama gila menghilang,xde modal nak cerita la (ada unsur tipu di situ).
Well actually,bz amat,insyaALLAH kat post ni aku try compactkan ape yg aku igt ye. :)
Well,aritu aku da balik Semenanjung masa bulan 11,cuti selama seminggu.. it was fun yet too short. ape aku buat time cuti? memanjangkan langkah mengukur bumi je. :)
well,basically aku melepak dgn kawan2 tercinta dan family tersayang.
ouh ouh,btw, I MET HIM AT MEDICAL FACULTY UM DURING MY VISIT THERE. well,it's not reaaly "met" la. i just saw him. from the back of the lecture hall. that's all. i dont know if he noticed me or not. but who cares,with that "meeting" i gained my new spirit of life. well,he's doing fine i guess. many stories i heard about him. well,let him be. i'll just pray for his best from here. 

Just wanna say that I'm in love,still in love. with the same person since August 22,2010. Those who know this man,yeah,u'r right. 
hey you,stop making sound. DO NOT MUMBLE! i cant here u. u wanna say somnething? come here,split it to my face. who cares if i love him all my life? who cares? u ? why? u want him? no right? ouh,if u want,yes u may. i dont care. i still love him. i gained happiness from doing this. i have new spirit of life. i'm looking forward for future not looking forward for current time and place. MIRACLES MAY HAPPEN IN LIFE. i have great faith in ALLAH. HE knows the best for all of us. HE knows the right path the best for HIS creature. Prayers is the only thing we need after we've done our part,doing our best to get what we want right? so dont be shame to ask anything from ALLAH. if u dont ask,u dont beg,then u'll get nothing lah. 

Well,after all those craps i say,still. there's no one will ever change me. I'll still love u S. bare that in mind. I might be a little psycho,it might seem that way. but who's the one to be blame? IDK. that's all for now. 

I'm looking forward for the next holiday in January. Chow~